Adding preinfusion manually

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Adding preinfusion manually

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my S1 has the old board, which does not support preinfusion and cannot be upgraded. I do have a relay board that is already used with the machine (for a timer) and would like to add preinfusion myself.
(this is an introduction, the question is after this)
Basically my idea is to splice the hot phase wire and connect it, through the relay, to the solenoid. Thus the solenoid has normally an open circuit which can be closed by
1) the brewing button, acting normally
2) the relay controlling preinfusion, which does not activate the pump and will then also press the brewing button (or simulate the keypress) through the timer software.
Of course this means that preinfusion is only available through the raspberry pi, but I am ok with that and could also switch to a delay relay in the future.

By looking at the schematics it seems that the solenoid is controlled directly by the phase wire, but I am wondering if it will be safe to use directly that or if I should get my 110 V somewhere downstream, for example if there is surge protection or such?
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