DIY Scace2

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DIY Scace2

Post by symbology »

I had been thinking about building a pressure gauge to verify my brew pressure. I also wanted to check my temperature calibration. What I ended up doing was taking one of my spare PF's and I built a Scace2.

I tested it out today and everything was working great. Then, I noticed that water was flowing inside of the thermocouple wire. (I was afraid this was going to happen.) I need to figure out how to get that sealed up. I have an idea or two, but was wondering if anyone that has already built a DIY scace had any pointers.

How this was created.

List of items needed.

PF body
Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge 1/4" NPT fitting
1/4" NPT Nipple (4" long) (to connect pressure gauge)
1/4" NPT Female Coupler (to connect pressure gauge)
1/8" NPT Mini Needle Valve (to regulate water flow) Works ok, not great. Might try something else in the future.
1/8" NPT Nipple (1" Long)
1/16" Parker 2MSC1N fitting (for getting the thermocouple wire into the PF)
Small silicon hose to use as a seal in the 2MSC1N fitting
Cheap PF Handle (Hollow)
Cheap Car Wash Sponge (about 2.5" thick) used for the faux puck.
Velcro Ties

Special Tools Required:
1/4" NPS Tap
1/8" NPT Tap
1/16" NPT Tap
**Thermocouple of your choice**

I started by drilling a small hole in the PF at the bottom of the threads (where the handle goes). This will allow the pressure to move inside of the PF handle. I then drilled out and tapped the same location to accept the 1/4" nipple. Since the thread pitch is very, very close between the original 12mm and the 1/4 NPT nipple cutting the threads was no problem. I ended up needing a 1/4" NPS tap becuase the NPT tap did not cut the threads deep enough. Even though the NPS is a straight tap and does not have a tapper, it worked out well. The hole is not deep enough to allow the NPT tap to cut the threads enough.

I then tapped the PF exit hole from the bottom and the top using the 1/8" NPT tap. This will allow for the installation of the 1/8" needle valve on the bottom and the 1/8" x 1" NPT nipple on the top.

Then, between the PF exit hole and the handle I drilled and tapped a hole for the parker 2MSC1N fitting using the 1/16" NPT tap.

Assembled everything and all was well until I noticed the water flowing into the thermocouple wire.
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Re: DIY Scace2

Post by peter »

Very cool, and very creative.
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Re: DIY Scace2

Post by slo »

Nicely done indeed!
Makes me want to install a thermocouple permanently to my pressure calibration tool... But it is used so little...But it would be so useful... but ... You get the idea :-?
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