Programmable PI - Triple vs Double

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Programmable PI - Triple vs Double

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Not sure whether to file this under Astute Observations or Duh Moments. I had my PI set to 6 seconds and the results were good. Ian had dropped his PI time and remarked that the results were much improved. I did the same and thought the results were worse. This was using my triple basket. Then I switched the double basket and all was fine. So results are similar if you use 3-4 seconds on a double basket or 6 seconds on a triple. Sounds pretty intuitive, I suppose.

Does anyone but Niko have the Programmable PI on order AND have double and triple baskets. We need more data and, when Niko gets his installed, boy we'll have more data! :lol:
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Re: Programmable PI - Triple vs Double

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That's right...start opening the ports for more bandwidth and begin striping RAID volumes on your computers 'cause the data is arriving :lol:

Did you crank up your incoming water line pressure for the triples? I'm wondering if 45psi and 8 seconds of PI would do the trick or kill the puck? - Of course it wouldn't be like me to start low and ramp up high, the Greek in me overdoes everything :blackeye:


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