Drip tray filling up

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Drip tray filling up

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My drip tray fills completely in one day. I called Chris Coffee and I was told to remove the metal bezel and on the right, I can see where the dripping is occurring (see attached picture) and tighten that nut (indicated with orange arrow). I rotated it clockwise and counterclockwise, it reduced the dripping but not enough. It now fills the drip tray halfway in one day. It does not seem to matter which way I turn it. Any advice would be welcomed.

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Re: Drip tray filling up

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There is probably debris inside at the rubber seat of this valve that is causing the leak. You will need to take it apart and clean it. Here is the link on the instructions:

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Re: Drip tray filling up

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If it's not debris or mineral deposits and it looks like the rubber seat itself needs replacement, the part is $4.95 plus shipping.

https://www.chriscoffee.com/collections ... ement-seat
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