Dream-T Review

General questions, comments, and discussions about the Dream Tank version. New owners post your impressions of your Dream T - likes, dislikes, and any other comments.
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Dream-T Review

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Just a small review of the La Spaziale Dream T since there wasn't a lot of information or reviews on the newer model. I've previously owned a Rancilio Silvia, ECM Giotto and I pair this with a Vario-W grinder. I've had no issues in the past 2 months, I make 2-4 drinks each day during the week and 4-6 on Sat/Sun.

There's a lot of reviews on the Mini Vivaldi so a lot of the same great things apply to this model as well.
- Quick startup and recovery time
- Very powerful steam
- Front mounted tank and large drip tray
- Accurate boiler temperature control
- 15/20 Amp Modes, ability to turn off steam boiler

Looks: I was a bit hesitant on the looks in pictures because the E61 has a classic look. Once I put the La Spaziale in place, it looks very handsome and fits better overall with the kitchen. If you have a Vario, this matches perfectly with it. The back profile is awesome which is unfortunately generally hidden against the wall. The plastic is very good quality and the drip tray is easier to keep looking clean.

Software: A big issue seems like the software. Personally I have had no issues with the software, very intuitive, reminds me of an old Nokia phone or iPod, minus the snake or brick game. The touch controls are elegantly laid out and very responsive. The integrated timer may be the main reason to pay more than the Mini Vivaldi. A complain is that most of setup menu system is flat so some options are buried deep like 10-20 clicks away, a nested menu might work better. The most important thing is that the software gets out of your way once setup, it's just you and the espresso. A touch gets you started and it provides assistance like a shot timer or volumetric progress bar, boiler temps, etc. The software is good enough where they should have fully integrated the manometer and got rid of it to make the machine look cleaner. Also, perhaps hide the USB port elsewhere as it won't be used that often.

Usage: For my shots, I'm still working out my technique for the 53mm portafilter size and rebuying all my tools like the Reg Barber base and OE dosing funnel. Overall, my shots are a slightly better tasting but the biggest difference is that it is significantly more consistent and forgiving than the E61. I certainly have less bitter/sour shots I have to dump in the sink and a lot more great shots where I can taste the nuances in the coffee. Steaming milk is on a another level and extremely quick and easy to get the perfect texture for latte art.

For next steps, I'll still need to order a bottomless portafilter to see if I can still improve my shots. I like the Vario-W for it's ease of use and WAF but I likely need to upgrade to a better grinder at some point, perhaps a Pharos or HG-One.

Overall, the machine is even better than I expected and will be keeping this one for a while.
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