S1-V2 - Safety Valve failed (again)

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S1-V2 - Safety Valve failed (again)

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I'm on my third safety valve, and it is starting to leak again as of today, one year after the last replacement. Pressure is in the normal range for the unit, and it is leaking even after going down to low pressures, so its just failing. That being said, I wouldn't in any other case consider an over pressure valve to be a consumable part of the system, but it seems to be in my case.

Am I wrong?

only thing I can think of is that my unit does routinely get slightly into the red area on pressure in the boiler, but not by much. I've changed the sensors and cleaned out the items discussed in another post and they are free moving, no issues.(just search on my name) and while you can hear the system stop heating on the nose, additional pressure will routinely build up past that point and I don't know why. Water pressure is regulated into the house. Either way, I don't see how it could cause the safety valve to fail as I'm still nowhere near the limit on that.

thanks for the help!
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Re: S1-V2 - Safety Valve failed (again)

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I may be wrong here, but it seems to me that the safety valve should never pop unless the boiler is being over pressurized. Have you tried lowering the boiler temperature? What's the quality of your water? Scale in the boiler could plug the valve and cause it not to reset when it pops.
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Re: S1-V2 - Safety Valve failed (again)

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I guess the first thing to figure out is whether your boiler pressure is really going high enough to trigger the valve or whether you are getting a bunch of faulty valves. I have tried but never been able to find out what pressure is supposed to open them up. I would think it should be at least 2.5-3bar. The normal pressure of an S1 Steam boiler is 1.3bar give or take .1bar. If the pressure is getting high enough to correctly trigger the valve then you should see this on the steam pressure gauge on the front of the machine. What reading are you seeing?

I had a similar issue with the Vaccum Breaker Valve on my machine. It was failing every 6-9 months. I just kept buying new ones and eventually I got one that has not yet failed after 2 years or so. Of course, replacements VBV's are much cheaper than the Over Pressure Valve. If you break down and buy a replacement, be sure to buy one from a different source. These don't normally fail that often so all the replacement valves a vendor has in stock could be from the same manufacturing lot. Therefore, many of them could have the same issue.
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