What is the best Setup for my new Mini- Vivaldi? - Best Addons?

Post general questions about operation of your new Mini here. Due to many similarities with the original VII you should also check the VII forum.
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What is the best Setup for my new Mini- Vivaldi? - Best Addons?

Post by AdvancedFabian »

Hi Guys,
im very happy that I found a forum just dedicated to my maschine.. awesome
I bought a little bit older Mini Vivaldi from an forum user (other board)
https://www.kaffee-netz.de/threads/la-s ... au.131357/
This one is, as i can say, pretty good in shape and the extra tools (programable functions via WLAN) are super awesome.. Timer for each day, shot counter, electric counter, ..

I want to get the best out of my device and looking alot for new/old information..
I have the basic double and single shot portafilters (if he doesnt change them).

My next upgrade for better visible results is a bottom-less portafilter..
https://www.tidaka.net/de/zubehoer/bode ... aeger.html

with this i bought the 15g precision accurato sieve
https://www.tidaka.net/de/praezisions-s ... ziale.html
and this
https://www.tidaka.net/de/zubehoer/ims- ... ziale.html

do you think I'm good with this setup? I think so...
What do you learned with this maschine specific? Do you have tipps for best performance?

- I have no preinfusion. I read that it is possible to time the solo-cup button to low low volumes to use this as a pre-infusion/pre-soaking of the puk. Does this makes sense? Is a real pre-infusion kit necessary? Is a bit expensive..
- Do you do something else specific? I ordered a leveler as well to distribute nicely before tamping... will need some shipping time.
- Is there something which realy raised your quality of espresso?

Looking forward to learn anything about the maschine and espresso in general. I have to train my sensory as well as how to get the most out of it. Pretty new to the espresso buisness :-)

If you have basic tipps for me - thank you alot in advance :-)

best regards -and Thanks to anybody who is supporting this nice community

best regards,

Freeze Dried
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Re: What is the best Setup for my new Mini- Vivaldi? - Best Addons?

Post by Goldscalpel »

Congratulations on your new acquisition. You have found an amazing resource for all your needs.

You are so far on the right track.
Get the pre-infusion.
Get the best grinder you can get.


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