Steam boiler over pressureizing

Did your new VII work fine initially but have an in warranty (year one) problem later. Post here for advice. Later report on your fix. Posted photos documenting repairs are encouraged.
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Steam boiler over pressureizing

Post by Fcsteve777 »

Good afternoon all,
I have a 2 week old mini vivaldi II that has started acting up. I purchased the machine thru first in coffee so I sent them an email (machine drop shipped from Chris's coffee so I'm assuming that's where the support will come from)
The issue is that the machine keeps calling for heat in the steam boiler (red light blinking) until it lifts the relief somewhere around 1.4 bar. It doesn't always do it but I first noticed it when I turned the machine on and came back 20 min later to steam venting internally.
All of the wiring connections look tight inside of the machine and as I started it this time it came to temp and stopped heating as it should.

The only other thing I have done is check resistance on the 2 temp sensors and at 90f the steam boiler sensor was 165k ohms and the group sensor was 228k ohms at 76f

The pressure while under control is higher than it was previously. I am at -2 (2 green lights) on the steam boiler temp setting and the pressure is at 1.2 bar. It was running about 1.1 before.

Has anyone had a similar issue? Obviously in will be waiting on word from the seller on where to go with this. Industrial controls are a day job for me but I won't just be diving into this while it's under warranty.

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Re: Steam boiler over pressureizing

Post by chas »

Any luck with this yet? If not, does the steam boiler wait to start heating from cold until the group boiler has heated up or does it start heating immediately.

Also did you completely disconnect the temp sensors before ohming them out? Neither reading sounds right for that temperature range.

BTW: I wouldn't make too much of the difference in 1.1bar vs 1.2 bar.
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