Swap mini v2 110volt against 220v

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Swap mini v2 110volt against 220v

Post by Sharp » Tue Apr 25, 2017 5:39 pm

Hi there,

Since im moving to europe (poland) in July, i wanted originally to convert my mini vivaldi to 220v, but it is apparently not possible (see other threads here). I currently plan to use a power converter, but had a quick thought that there might be some members here that are stuck with a 220v with power converter in north america, or plan to expat themselves from europe to north america. Therefore why not asking for a swap (with or without compensation depending of the use of both machines).

I have a mini vivaldi ii, black, used on average once or twice a day (once on weekdays), twice on weekends), for about 6 years (i have to check back when i bought it). I also have a mazzer mini that could optionally be part of the exchange.


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