Beaten up S1 - version?

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Beaten up S1 - version?

Postby Aran » Sat May 13, 2017 10:14 am

Great forum all, spent most of last night reading - whoever said sleeping like a baby never had kids.

Just bought a beaten up S1 in the UK for 128 USD, needs a lot of work, not to mention PFs and likely much much more. I'm hoping pump & motor are functioning, hell I hope it has functioning boilers, you can't even see a the pressure gauge in the photo so possible I bought some external parts....

image.png (2.26 MiB) Viewed 76 times

Also picked up a Super Jolly (think ex-Starbucks) for 94 bucks, looks heavily used but from what I read these are the Toyota Landcruisers of the grinder world, let's hope so.

I'm keen to start planning my refurb but noticed the badge is LaSpaziale not Vivaldi or other, pardon my ignorance but I only found reference of this for prototypes - figure this is European badging - anyone of you kind folks shed any light here?

It seems like a swivel arm with flush tip not a pivot arm BUT the S1 logo is decal not embossed so it sure ain't recent. Just hoping it isn't a hacked up shell...

thanks in advance!,
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Re: Beaten up S1 - version?

Postby chas » Sat May 13, 2017 11:55 am

Wow. Have you got a project and a half on your hands!

I usually go by the type of gauge and whether the label on the LEDs is in 1C or 5C increments to tell what model it is, but yours has neither. The first S1 Vivaldi generation imported to the US was a dual boiler design that had a single round gauge just for the steam boiler. However, I can tell by looking in the parts manual that there was an earlier single boiler model where the group boiler was also used for steam and hot water. I think the model may have been called the Ricambi. Have you checked to see how many boilers you have?

If you only see one boiler check out the Part Guide on page 29 to see if your boiler attachments look like this:
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